June 25, 2024

Should small businesses buy instagram followers? Pros

While buying followers was once taboo, it’s becoming an increasingly popular tactic used by companies of all sizes. When done right, buying small amounts of high-quality followers from reputable providers has multiple benefits for small business Instagram accounts. The Instagram algorithm determines which content users see in their feeds and Stories. A key signal it looks for is engagement. Accounts with lots of followers and likes tend to be deemed higher quality, meaning their posts are shown to more people. By giving your follower count an instant boost with purchased followers, you’ll appear more popular to the algorithm right away. It leads to your organic content reaching more users who may then follow and engage with your brand. It’s a great way to kickstart Instagram algorithm favorability.

Increase discovery from real users

In addition to influencing the algorithm, bought followers also make your account more discoverable in Instagram searches. People are naturally curious about accounts with high followings and may check out your brand. From here, your high-quality organic content and engagement tactics need to convince real users to follow you. But, the initial follower boost gets your brand on their radar. App development company Famoid saw a 36% increase in organic followers in the month after buying followers, likely due to the account seeming more established.

Lend social proof and credibility

On social media, perception plays a major role. Accounts with more followers instantly seem more popular, credible, and influential – regardless of their content. For small businesses, buying followers is an easy way to manufacture authority and clout surrounding your brand. Displaying an impressive follower number and engagement sways customer opinions and speeds up trust-building. It lends credibility that convinces visitors your brand is worth following and supporting.

Affordable marketing for startups

As startups and small businesses get off the ground, budgets are tight. Paid advertising and content creation may not be affordable yet. So, buy instagram followers provides an inexpensive way to appear more established on a startup budget. Providers like Famoid offer packages starting around $3 for 100 followers. Compared to the high costs of Instagram influencer collaborations or Facebook ads, buying followers is a much more accessible growth tactic for startups. It affordably kickstarts presence and visibility.

Drive brand awareness outside of instagram

An impressive Instagram presence doesn’t just influence how people see you online. It also boosts credibility and reach for your brand globally across channels. For example, showcasing your Instagram following and engagement on your website or other social networks allows you to highlight your influence. It builds brand awareness more widely and attracts website traffic from outside Instagram. People may not realize bought followers were part of building your presence initially. Buying followers spotlights customer interest in your brand everywhere you promote yourself online.

Reduce risks of buying followers 

While buying followers involves some risk, choosing high-quality followers from reputable sites minimizes the chances of getting banned or penalized by Instagram. Sites like Famoid delivers followers through organic delivery methods, meaning new followers closely resemble and behave like real engaged users. The key is buying followers sparingly from trustworthy providers, and then focusing efforts on organically engaging those users. Therefore, your account maintains a good balance between real and bought followers.