June 25, 2024

It can be challenging enough to find out your child needs help with their studies. It is difficult in the best of times to admit you might need help with your own studies while in school. Finding tutoring in Fort Worth, TX, is something many people find challenging at times, yet the tutoring relationship is absolutely vital to learning.

Connecting with a tutor can take time, but the first step is to know what to look for when you are searching for the right tutor. Here are some of the qualities that all good tutors, like those you will find at Math Around the Corner, should have:


You will need to understand what motivates the tutor you are working with. Good tutors are in it for the right reasons and are doing this for more than just the money aspect. They are passionate about the subject and about helping others. A good tutor is willing to work with you or your child for the long haul.


Every individual has a unique learning style that works best for them. Tutors have to know how to determine this learning style and adapt their methods to meet those individual needs. A good tutor will also adapt and update their methods and processes to meet your and your child’s growing needs and goals.


Tutors are the ones people turn to when they need help academically. They are often embarrassed, overwhelmed., defeated, and even scared. A good tutor will be kind and patient and work to build a good rapport and address concerns while building up weaknesses and highlighting strengths.


Tutors must be cheerleaders for their pupils. Whether it is for a young child or an adult, tutors have to be enthusiastic about learning. That joy and positive outlook will rub off and make challenging topics easier to master and will also make the entire outlook much better for everyone involved.


The best tutors are those who can easily empathize with their students. They should listen and give their students time to speak and voice their concerns and struggles. Doing this ensures there is not a ‘me vs you’ mentally settling in and keeps the focus on ‘how can we improve together?’


Helping children and adults learn requires the ability to communicate effectively in a wide range of situations. The best tutors can listen as well as talk, speak clearly, use good grammar, explain terms and jargon, and present information in a way that is clear and easily understood and applied.


No one can know everything, not even the best tutors. It is important to remember even a tutor might not always have the answers. A good tutor will admit when they do not know and will never make soothing up. They also will ensure they take the time to find the answer to help the student later when they are able.

Admitting you or your child needs help academically is the first step to turning schools and assignments into something that is looked forward to rather than dreaded. Finding the tutor that fits best is critical to making anyone’s educational journey a little less stressful. Contact Math Around the Corner and see why more Fort Worth families turn to them for tutoring services.